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About TG Floristry

TG Floristry is a Black woman-owned, Raleigh-based floral design studio. TG Floristry is an immersive floral design studio, prioritizing modern design, community wellness, identity and training the imagination. Our studio offers whimsical and eclectically designed florals that compliment your one of a kind nature. Whether you’re picking up a bouquet on the way home, or planning your wedding, you can trust our intuitive designers to curate a beautiful and unique floraling experience from start to finish tailored just for you, using some of the best seasonal and local blooms.


In addition to our creative services, we offer creative workshops for novice designers, and the general public where we hope to deepen your understanding of color theory, improve your design eye, and cultivate creativity through intentional and imaginative design work.


About our Lead Designer

Hi, I'm TG

Tiera is a Greensboro native, and moved to Raleigh to attend North Carolina State University. Aside from planting the flowers in her mothers home garden as a child, Tiera never imagined a future in flowers. Her original intention was to enter university as an environmental engineer. Realizing this was not the right fit, she continued her education in Sustainable Development working primarily with local food systems as a community and school gardens outreach coordinator. Tiera went back to school to receive her Masters in Agricultural and Extension Education with concentrations in adult education, community engagement and horticulture. During this time Tiera was funding her graduate study as a researcher and teaching assistant. So it goes, she began experimenting with flowers as a way to decompress from the pressures of academia. Through the years, her love of flowers and artistry have continued to bloom into what is now TG Floristry. 


Accredited Accomplishments 

Participated in North Carolina Museum of Art – Art in Bloom 2022

Worked as a TV set designer for a nationally syndicated show on FOX

Won ‘Raleigh’s Best Florist 2022’ Bronze Level.


I look forward to working with you

-Tiera George

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